About Nama

The National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA) represents auction companies selling cars, commercial vehicles, as well as motorcycles, off road vehicles and motor homes. It was established in 1969 as a society of motor auctions becoming NAMA in 2011. We represent a broad mix of members from small family businesses to large national corporations.

What we do for NAMA members:

  • Promote the auction sector to RMI members and the industry at large as the most effective way of converting vehicle assets into cash
  • Produce the monthly NAMA report giving valuable information to auctions and their customers about market conditions, both current and future
  • Support and develop the NAMA grading scheme which is an industry recognised objective, transparent and consistent method to describe the exterior condition of a vehicle using points, scores and grades
  • Advise the public and the trade of the benefits of buying through NAMA members
  • Represent members to Government, other trade bodies and external organisations
  • Ensure the highest standards of fair trading in the industry
  • Operate the Motor Auctions Code of Practice and Customer Charter
  • Operate a central register of information and alerts on fraudulent activity
  • Maintain and encourage active participation in the Association through regular executive meetings, working groups and the Annual General Meeting
  • Relationships with Industry Service Providers
  • Liaise with Trading Standards authorities, Citizens Advice Bureaux and other regulatory bodies