Inspections, Audits and Training To support the grading scheme NAMA have developed guidelines for grading inspections, training and auditing. Inspection environment:

  • All vehicles should be washed before inspection and being appraised for grading
  • Inspections should be carried out in a well lit and dry environment
  • A covered inspection area would be desirable but not compulsory


  • Should be carried out by trained appraisers
  • Inspections should be undertaken in an appropriate setting (see inspection environment)
  • Appraisers should be proficient in recording damage/repairs objectively

Appraiser/Inspector Training:

  • Appraisers should be trained to the NAMA training standard or equivalent
  • Appraisers should be tested every 6 months to ensure they meet the standard
  • Training may be carried out either internally or by a third party training company
  • A certificate of competence will be issued by NAMA when an appraiser passes the standards test


  • Inspections will be audited on a regular basis using a minimum of a 2.5% sample. Audits should be reviewed at least twice per annum
  • Audits may be carried out internally or by a third auditing firm


  • Inspection software is available from a number of providers including Kingfisher and Techinspect. Auctions may prefer to use their own bespoke software but this must meet NAMA standards


  • In case of a dispute between an auction and its customer, NAMA has available the National Conciliation Service to undertake arbitration and conciliation between the parties