Why pursue a career in the motor industry?

Bidding for a new career?

Which multi-billion Pound UK business deals with the cream of the banking, leasing and finance sectors yet saw its stock rise during the recent recession?

Which sector allows you to test your mettle in both the business-to-business and consumer markets with the same product?

Which business operation sells units that range in value from under £100 to nearly £1 million? And if you were to find out what business this is, wouldn’t it be good to know there are opportunities for all sorts of skill-sets, a good career structure and nationally recognised training and development programmes?

The modern vehicle auction industry offers a career path in a number of exciting disciplines and the opportunity to work in a highly influential sector that establishes benchmark values for every type of vehicle.

In essence, motor auctions take vehicles on consignment from the businesses owning and operating them and sell them – usually by competitive means such as auction or tender to the highest bidder, who might be a motor trader, a franchised dealer or used vehicle specialist, or even a motorist or another business user. It means the business has two sets of customers with opposing ambitions – one group wanting to sell their vehicles for the most money, the other hoping to buy as cheaply as possible.

As a result, vehicle auction companies count among their customers a huge range of businesses and individuals including company fleets, contract hire, leasing and rental companies, banks and finance houses, public utilities, the emergency services, local government and every sector of the motor industry including car manufacturers and dealers, as well as a large audience of private buyers and sellers.

Although the motor auctions business is about selling vehicles, it is essentially a service industry. Those operating in the sector offer a range of services to help the vehicle owners realise the best possible price when they are sold. This is often referred to as ‘vehicle remarketing.’

These remarketing services include vehicle logistics, vehicle preparation and repair, sales channel management, consultation and valuation, account management and data provision, sales and public relations. IT development and support, online promotion and a broad range of marketing disciplines. And, of course, all the auctioneer and the back-room services required to sell large volumes of cars, vans, trucks, bus and coach, motorbikes and even caravans, mobile homes and plant and equipment.

The industry in the UK is represented by NAMA – National Association of Motor Auctions – which is part of the Retail Motor Industry Federation. The Association has 74 members from 26 individual companies across the UK.

The industry sells 1.5 million vehicles representing a sales value of £6.7 billion each year. It is estimated that NAMA members in the UK employ around 4,500 staff. The businesses are well established and secure, with many operating for 50 years or more.

The staff requirements for a modern vehicle auction company are diverse and would attract a broad range of candidates in terms of age, experience and skills, from school-leavers and graduate trainees to established specialists in other industries and the semi-retired.

Auctioneers, auction managers, inspectors, administrators, accountants, data managers, customer management, cashiers, switchboard operators, sales managers, marketing specialists, public relations, vehicle drivers, IT and systems development, help desk advisors, mechanics, valeters, website specialists – the list is almost endless.

A career in the motor industry comes with great benefits including high quality training, competitive salaries, job security and the opportunity to fulfil your potential are just a start. Training will vary according to the specialist role, but includes NVQ and business studies, management development programmes and bespoke skills progression such as auctioneer training. Leadership training frameworks are in place to develop individuals who are able to effectively inspire and influence others and achieve high performance outcomes in this dynamic and challenging environment.

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