Dear Colleagues,
Best year on record for motor auctions in 2018

2018 was a record year for the motor auction industry with unprecedented strength in both first time conversion rates and average values. The market was incredibly consistent throughout and we are optimistic that demand and prices will remain stable, and 2019 will mark another successful year for our sector.

Parliamentary Engagement Programme

Last year NAMA launched a Parliamentary Engagement Programme where we arranged for local MP’s to visit motor auctions. The aim of the scheme was to encourage parliamentary engagement and raise awareness of the significant contribution that the motor auction industry makes to the economy of the UK. If you would like for us to arrange for your local MP to visit your site, please let us know.

NAMA Grading Appraiser Courses

We have dates available at Stephenson College for our Appraiser Courses. If you would like to book a space, please contact Susan Munslow on 01788 538 304.

PR and monthly newsletter

We would like to include more of our members ‘good news stories’ in the monthly newsletter, as well as sending regular press releases to trade contacts on key areas affecting your business. We would be particularly interested in reports from your business that might include record sales week’s, sales with interesting vehicles or vendors, employee achievements, charity events or anything you would like to share with your fellow NAMA members or the wider automotive industry. Please email any stories you want included in the newsletter by the 20th of each month to our press officer

NAMA Convention and AGM 2019

The 2019 AGM is to be held at Pine Cliffs Resort, Algarve, Portugal on 17 and 18 May. Formal invites will be sent our shortly.
If would like to be involved in the initiatives above or have any further queries, please let us know on 01788 538336 or email

Louise Wallis
Head of NAMA