Draft Template Letter Regarding Business Rate Relief And Grant Application

This draft template has been produced based on information released by the government as at 02 April 2020. Given the current situation you will need to check the template is up-todate and fit for purpose when issued.

Dear Sir/Madam



We are a small business in retail sector with a rateable value of £[INSERT]. In line with the

recent government guidance following the COVID-19 pandemic: -

(a) we are writing to apply for a [DELETE AS APPROPRIATE] £10,000/£25,000 grant

under the [DELETE AS APPROPRIATE] Small Business Grant Fund/Retail,

Hospitality and Leisure Grant, and

(b) as a matter of courtesy to inform you that we will be obliged forthwith also to take

advantage of the Government’s 12 month Business Rates Holiday for small

businesses under the Expanded Retail Discount Scheme 2020/21.

Given our need to pay wages to our employees and the impact the coronavirus pandemic

has already had on our trading figures, we would be grateful for guidance on how to apply

for the grant as soon as possible. We employ up to [INSERT] members of the local

community and would like to do our level best to support them through this economic and

health crisis.

With kind regards,